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Sheppo’s Terms and Conditions

Making A Booking
  • When Booking, the Booking Organiser must allow sufficient travelling time to reach the intended destination in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Sheppo’s accepts no liability or responsibility for any delays caused by traffic or traffic accidents that occur in the general timeframe of the Transport Service.
  • Prices and quotations are subject to change without notice until a Holding Deposit has been paid.
  • When making a Booking with Sheppo’s, the Booking Organiser will ensure that all passengers using the Transport Service are notified they must follow all reasonable requests made by the Driver, or the Transport Service may be terminated.
Group/Chartered Bookings

Holding Deposit

  • All Group/Chartered Bookings will require payment by the Booking Organiser of a holding deposit of $100 to secure the required Transport Service for the selected date and time of your Booking.
  • This payment must be received within 24 hours of making the Booking to confirm the Booking.
  • A confirmation will be sent via email following receipt of the Holding Deposit.
  • As any Transport Service is subject to the availability of appropriate Transport Vehicles, Sheppo’s will not be held responsible for any Bookings not confirmed by our office.
  • The Booking may no longer be available should this Holding Deposit not be received within the allotted timeframe.
  • This Holding Deposit will be taken off the outstanding balance of the Transport Fee.
Transport Fee Payment

The balance (if any) of the Transport Fee is due and payable at least one (1) business day prior to the date of the Booking.

Security Deposit

  • A Security Deposit of $200 will also be taken at the time the balance of the Transport Fee is paid.· Immediately following the return of the Transport Vehicle/s to the Sheppo’s depot, an inspection will be carried out to determine what, if any, repairs and/or excessive cleaning is required to return the Transport Vehicle/s to the condition the Transport Vehicle/s were in prior to the provision of the Transport Services.
  • Inspection for damage will include (but not be limited to) graffiti, cuts or scratches to any part of the Transport Vehicle or fixtures and missing or broken items/fixtures.
  • Inspection for excessive cleaning will include anything that requires the services of a professional cleaner, such as stained carpet.
  • Where the inspection of the returned Transport Vehicle/s finds the need for repairs and/or excessive cleaning is required, the Security Deposit will be used by Sheppo’s to meet the costs of these repairs/cleaning services. Where the cost of the repairs/cleaning services exceeds Security Deposit, the Booking Organiser will be subsequently invoiced plus an Administration Fee of 10%.
  • Where the inspection of the returned Transport Vehicle/s does not find damage or excessive cleaning requirements, the Security Deposit will be refunded to the Booking Organiser’s nominated financial account, within one (1) Business Day following the inspection.
Using A Transport Service

Due to NSW Ministry of Transport and RMS (Roads & Maritime Services) regulations, the following is not allowed:

  • Smoking on the Transport Vehicle
  • Persons allowing any object including body parts to be outside of the Transport Vehicle confines
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times whilst the Transport Vehicle is being driven, whether stationary or in motion.
  • If food and/or drink is brought onto a Transport Vehicle, all care must be taken by the passenger to ensure that all items are disposed of in a safe and considerate manner.
  • Any food or drink containers must be of safe material. No glass or other fragile containers will be acceptable.
  • No alcohol may be consumed on a Transport Vehicle on the return journey of a Transport Service.
  • When attending a licensed premise, no food or drink is to be taken off the Transport Vehicle into the licensed premise. Where the licensed premise is part of Sheppo’s organised Transport Service, it is most important that this guideline is adhered to. Failure to behave in a proper and civil manner will result in termination of the Transport Service.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse any passenger(s) to board a Transport Vehicle if the Driver feels that the passenger(s) are aggressive or a potential danger to any other passenger(s) or the Driver. If passenger(s) becomes aggressive during the Transport Service, the Driver may request that the offending person/s exit the Transport Vehicle and/or terminate the Transport Service.
  • Whilst every reasonable care is taken, Sheppo’s accepts no responsibility for any passenger’s lost or damaged belongings and therefore it is strongly recommended that passengers keep their belongings under their control at all times.
  • The Driver will drop passengers off at the pre-arranged Transport Service drop-off location/s (for Group/Chartered Bookings this is the original pick-up location). Additional drop-off locations, if required, can be arranged with the Driver at an additional cost. Note that in some circumstances the Driver may not be in a position to satisfy this requirement where it has not been pre-arranged at the time of Booking.
  • All passengers will be advised that an in-transit, unscheduled stop can be made at the discretion of the Driver, but only where those stops are considered safe to do so by the Driver.
Cancellation Policy

Pre-paid Transport Fees

  • If cancelling ten (10) business days or more prior to the scheduled transport, the client will receive a refund less an administrative fee of 5% of the transport fee.
  • If cancelling between 5 and 10 business days prior to the scheduled transport, the client will receive a refund less an administrative fee of 10% of the transport fee.
  • If cancelling with less than 5 business days’ notice is provided, no refund will be paid.

Unpaid Transport Fees

  • If cancelling ten (10) Business Days or more prior to the scheduled transport, no Administrative Fee is payable by the client.
  • If cancelling between 5 and 10 Business Days prior to the scheduled transport, the Booking Organiser will be charged an Administrative Fee of 10% of the Transport Fee.
  • If cancelling with less than 5 Business Days’ notice, the full Transport Fee must still be paid, as all Transport Services and Driver costs will still need to be met, as well as another passenger Transport Services and Transport Fees honoured (if applicable).

Administrative Fee: A fee charged by Sheppo’s to cover merchant service fees, administration and transport re-scheduling fees, the rate for which is determined by the number of Business Days’ notice received.

Booking: An act of reserving a Transport Service in advance.

Booking Organiser: The person making a Booking.

Business Day: Monday to Friday in any given week but excluding public holidays.

Driver: The person assigned to drive the Transport Vehicle

Holding Deposit: A sum of money paid to Sheppo’s to reserve a Transport Service

Security Deposit: An amount paid by the Booking Organiser and held in trust by Sheppo’s. This money may either be used to cover repairs or cleaning services required for a Transport Vehicle following its use for a Transport Service, or re-paid to the Booking Organiser where no repairs or cleaning services are required.

Sheppo’s: Sheppo’s Shuttleus Pty Ltd.

Transport Fee: The fee charged by Sheppo’s for the provision of the Transport Service.

Transport Service: A service commissioned by the Booking Organiser to transport passengers from a nominated location or locations to another nominated location or locations using a Transport Vehicle.

Transport Vehicle: A vehicle used by Sheppo’s to provide the Transport Service.

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