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Our shuttle service is renowned for its reliability. We understand the importance of being on time, so we make sure to plan ahead and leave with plenty of time to get to your destination.


Our friendly drivers will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride to your destination. Our shuttles are always on time and our drivers are courteous and professional.


Convenience is at the heart of our car service. Our service makes it easier than ever to get around town. Whether you need a ride to the airport, a lift to the grocery store, or get to your wedding venue, our drivers will pick you up and drop you off at your destination.

Corporate Shuttle Services With Sheppo’s Bus Company in Illawarra

If you’re searching for a dependable corporate shuttle service going to and from Illawarra, Sheppo’s Bus Business is your go-to source. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team are available to help you select the right shuttle for your business. We offer solutions for both small offices requiring a single shuttle, as well as larger corporate headquarters that require multiple shuttles. Don’t wait – contact us today at 0476 305 861 and let us begin preparing your corporate shuttle journey! With our expertise, you can trust that your needs will be taken care of.

Create Your Own Sanitation and Social Distancing Rules

Many companies may be eager to begin operations, however, due to concerns about public transportation or taxis, some businesses may feel apprehensive about allowing their employees to use them to go to Illawarra and Sydney. To guarantee the safety of personnel, corporations should think about providing a corporate shuttle. This service can include regulations like how far apart passengers must be seated, mandatory face coverings, and temperature checks before boarding. Furthermore, it is essential to make sure that surfaces are often sanitized to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for passengers. By implementing the above measures, businesses can guarantee the health and safety of their staff while they travel.

Giving Workers a Head Start When Travelling

Corporate shuttle buses are becoming a more frequent sight on the roads as companies are recognizing the multiple benefits they can provide to their employees. Not only do they simplify the commute, making it convenient, comfortable and cost-effective, but they offer amenities like onboard WiFi and power outlets that allow passengers to make the most of their time in transit. Whether they’re using the time to answer emails, prepare presentations, or just relax, corporate shuttles make commuting easier and more productive.

After a Prolonged Day at Work, Unwind

Corporate shuttle services can provide a lot more than just a transport option from or to Illawarra. Many shuttles are now equipped with Wi-Fi so that your employees can stay connected and productive, or even just rest and relax while travelling. Outlets with charging capabilities are also available to keep devices running and seats are designed with comfort in mind – usually with an angle or reclining feature. With the right shuttle, even traffic can become a pleasant experience!

On-Site Shuttles & More

Organizations that are seeking a dependable, proficient transportation option should consider establishing a corporate shuttle system. These shuttles can be utilized for transporting workers between multiple office locations, as well as to close-by places such as eateries or subway stations in extensive office complexes. Additionally, shuttles are the perfect solution for conferences and events that necessitate employee transportation on a schedule that is practical for both the company and the employees. With this kind of service, companies can provide convenient, safe, and efficient transport for their staff.

The Best Corporate Shuttle Service Options

No matter how big or small your workplace is, our fleet of shuttle buses has the perfect vehicle for you. From a Mitsubishi Rosa Bus carrying 23 passengers to a Toyota Hiace Bus transporting an entire office park of 11, we have you covered. If you need multiple buses or are interested in learning about additional options, our reservation team is available to discuss your needs and help find the perfect solution for your organization.

Making a Reservation for a Sheppo’s Corporate Shuttle Service

If you are seeking efficient and high-quality transport for one-way or round trips for your employees, then Sheppo’s corporate shuttle service is the perfect solution. Our competent team is available during business hours to answer any questions you may have about routes, amenities, schedules, and more. To find out more, please email or call 0476 305 861.

Ride In Luxury

Sheppo's offers a wide array of vehicle options for your transportation needs in Illawarra and Surrounding areas. Contact us today to reserve.

Black Luxury Car service Illawarra

Luxury Car Service

Luxury Car Service is a luxury transportation service that allows you to travel in style and comfort. It is perfect for special occasions or to get to the airport in a hassle-free manner.

Chauferred Vehicles

Chauferred Rental Vehicles are an affordable and convenient way to get around on your next trip. With a great selection of cars, trucks, and vans, you can find the perfect rental to fit your needs.

Client Testimonials

Easiest trip to and from the airport ever!
Thanks so much for an excellent and relaxing way to start and finish our holiday. Would never do it any other way. Nicest people ever - from booking to journey. Excellent people, excellent business. 5 Stars.

Myself and my three children used Sheppo's to travel to the Royal Easter Show 2022 and had the best driver. He was extremely helpful nothing was too much trouble, even on the way home offered to stop and the shops to pick up milk and bread. You won't get that sort of service anywhere else!!!!!

Amazing Service. We had 9 people picked up at 3 locations to take us to the airport. We woke at 5am to find out our flight had been delayed and Mandy and Tony were amazing at rescheduling. Great fleet, great service. Will definitely be using again. Thanks Sheppo's Shuttleus


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